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  Mission Statement:

Develop, build, manage and invest in quality housing where our families would be proud to live.

  Vision Statement:

Our purpose is to serve our customers by helping them achieve success. We strive to be one of the finest small companies in America by always putting our customer first. We place the highest priority on developing long-term relationships with clients and investors in the financial services and real estate markets to maximize profitable opportunities for all concerned. We will serve our clients and communities with integrity to maintain their trust and respect.


Corporate Office: 206 Peach Way
Columbia, Missouri 65203
Phone: 573-443-2021 - 1-800-424-0338
FAX: 573-874-7116
Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm

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Conventional Properties



FWM apartment communities and its properties comply fully with the provisions of the Equal Housing Opportunity Laws and non-discrimination laws. The apartment homes have been designed and constructed to be accessible in accordance with those laws.

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