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Local Columbia Groups Rally for More Affordable Housing

With The Affordable Housing Crisis On The Rise, Faith Voices Of Columbia Gathered Together To Bring Attention To The Lack Of Affordable Housing.
Bethel Ridge Estates is an example of one of the Fairway Management affordable senior living communities located in Columbia, Missouri.

With the affordable housing crisis on the rise, Faith Voices of Columbia, a multi-faith organization that addresses cases of injustice within the Columbia, Missouri community, gathered together at the end of March to bring attention to the lack of affordable housing.

KOMU covered the event, and reported the voices of those who came to support those in need. With a special emphasis on the lack of votes for low income housing tax credits, Faith Voices of Columbia helped highlight the importance of giving everyone a chance for a home.

As the majority of Fairway Management properties are classified as affordable housing, we truly see how low income housing tax credits help give deserving people the chance to have a secure, dependable home.

Read the full article from KOMU here.

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