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Intern Orientation Unit Turn at Hanover Village

On June 12th, The 2018 JES Holdings Interns Headed To Hanover Village In Columbia, Missouri. Working As One Strong Team, The Interns Were Tasked With Preparing A Previously Lived In Unit For The Move-in Of A New Resident.

On June 12th, the 2018 JES Holdings interns headed to Hanover Village in Columbia, Missouri. Working as one strong team, the interns were tasked with preparing a previously lived in unit for the move-in of a new resident.

While the unit turn helped the interns get an inside look into what occurs outside of the office, the team building and bonding was the best part of the day.

“I felt that this was a great way for me to get to know the other interns in a more informal way,” said Andrew Zoldan, Marketing Intern for JES. “I was glad I had the opportunity to do some hard work with the team. It was also nice to see another side of the company. There aren’t many companies where you get to experience roles you were not initially hired in.”

“Beyond getting to know one another, the job gave us the opportunity to see what happens outside of our offices and give us a glimpse of what property managers and maintenance techs do on a regular basis,” said Cody Hicks, Accounting Intern for Fairway Management. Cody also was able to see how the unit turns relate to his everyday tasks. “Understanding where the information comes from that I see on budgets and spreadsheets everyday makes analyzing and interpreting that information much more meaningful.”

The interns were tasked with painting, carpet removal, general cleaning and more.  Finally after hours and hours of hard work, the interns left Hanover Village with a new perspective, a sense of pride and a strong bond with their teammates.

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