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Wyndham Park Heads to Eckert’s Family Farms

Recently, The Residents Of Wyndham Park Went On A Day Trip Together To Eckert’s Family Farms.

Recently, the residents of Wyndham Park went on a day trip together to Eckert’s Family Farms. The event was a great turnout with nearly 50 residents in attendance. Eckert’s Farm has a lot of fun to offer, including picking fruit and vegetables, wagon rides, shopping, eating and more.

“We took a charter bus to Eckert’s Farm for a fried chicken luncheon and to shop in the Eckert’s store and eat ice cream. The residents were really excited and had a great time, said Jessica Gonzales, Wyndham Park III Property Manager.

Jessica and the Wyndham Park residents are looking forward to whatever their next adventure may be!

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