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Ironton Estates Annual Halloween Party & Contest

Ironton Estates, A Fairway Management Senior Community Located In Ironton, Missouri, Recently Hosted Their Annual Halloween Party & Contest At The End Of October.
The following Ironton Estates residents gathered for their annual Halloween celebration. Left to right: Lisa Nichols, Donna Cardwell, Ellen Green, Marla Walls, Carrie DeClue and James Marler

Ironton Estates, a Fairway Management senior community located in Ironton, Missouri, recently hosted their annual Halloween Party & Contest at the end of October.

Residents gathered in their best Halloween costumes as they shared plenty of pizza and candy to celebrate the holiday.

Additionally, since the Ironton Estates residents love competing so much, Property Manager Tina Zangara also hosted three different Halloween-themed competitions. Congratulations to the below competition winners!

Lisa Nichols (pictured left) and Marla Walls (pictured right) ended up tying for the vote of Halloween Costume Contest Winner. Residents vote for the person with the best costume during their Halloween party.

Ellen Green (pictured above) won the Halloween Decorating Contest for her festive decorations. Ellen has been a resident at Ironton Estates since the first day it opened – May, 2, 1993! Voting for this contest was open to Fairway Management employees, Ironton Estate residents, Facebook friends and a local business owner.

Gracia Burch (pictured above) was the winner of this year’s Halloween Puzzle Contest

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