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Ironton Estates November Raffle Winners

Ironton Estates, A Fairway Management Senior Community Located In Ironton, Missouri, Has Frequent Opportunities For Residents To Win Raffle Prizes Throughout The Year.

Ironton Estates, a Fairway Management senior community located in Ironton, Missouri, has frequent opportunities for residents to win raffle prizes throughout the year.

They recently held two November raffle competitions.

The first raffle competition was the Monthly Rent Drawing Raffle. In this raffle, residents who pay their rent in a timely manner get their names entered into a raffle and one lucky winner is drawn out each month.

The second raffle competition was the Thanksgiving Puzzle Contest. On major holidays, like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Ironton Estates puts together a packet of up to 15 puzzles. The puzzles can be crossword puzzles, word scrambles or word searches, and the resident must complete the packet and return the puzzle to the office by a certain date to be entered into the drawing. Not only does this give the residents something fun to do, but these puzzles also help stimulate brain function.

Congratulations to the below residents who won these cash prize raffles!

Winner of November Rent Drawing: Robert Windle | Winner of Thanksgiving Puzzle Contest: Gracia Burch

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