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Iron County Elf Bingo

Iron County Residents Recently Got In The Holiday Spirit With A Game Of Elf Bingo. The Event Was Sponsored By The Arcadia Valley Chamber Of Commerce And Local Businesses, Including Ironton Estates, A Fairway Management Senior Community.
Ironton Estates Property Manager, Tina Zangara, pictured with their elf, “Fairway Fred.”

Iron County residents recently got in the holiday spirit with a game of Elf Bingo. The event was sponsored by the Arcadia Valley Chamber of Commerce and local businesses, including Ironton Estates, a Fairway Management senior community. Players received a bingo card with a list of participating sponsors and were tasked with finding elves at each local business.

The elf at Ironton Estates was named “Fairway Fred.” He had various hiding places around the community, including windows, doors and even cabinets.  While searching for “Fairway Fred,” participants learned what Ironton Estates is all about. Hiding the elf in hard to find places made the game more fun and gave Ironton Estates the chance to share their mission of providing safe, clean and affordable housing to community members in need.

Participants turned in their bingo cards at the annual Christmas in the Valley event on December 8. One lucky bingo card was drawn and the winner received a prize. The event was a fun way for residents to celebrate the holidays while supporting local businesses.

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