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Intern Orientation Unit Turn 2019

During The Second Day Of Intern Orientation, The Altanta, Georgia And Columbia, Missouri Interns Both Spent Time Volunteering At A Unit Turn At A Nearby Fairway Management Community.
The Columbia interns gathered at the North Hampton Village office before their unit turn.

During the second day of intern orientation, the Altanta, Georgia and Columbia, Missouri interns both spent time volunteering at a unit turn at a nearby Fairway Management community. The Columbia interns did their unit turn at North Hampton Village and the Atlanta interns did their unit turn at Red Oak Village.

The primary goal of a unit turns is to prepare a vacant unit for a new resident, which includes cleaning and painting the unit. It is part of the intern orientation tradition for interns to experience a unit turn.  Not only does this help them bond with each other, but it also helps them get out of the office and learn more about JES Holdings’ affiliate companies.

Columbia Unit Turn at North Hampton Village:

Atlanta Unit Turn at Red Oak Village:

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