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Changing of the Seasons: Transitioning Gracefully into Fall

With The Autumn Equinox Just A Month Away, It Is Time To Start Thinking About The Changing Of The Weather.

With the autumn equinox just a month away, it is time to start thinking about the changing of the weather. Fall brings chilly mornings, warm afternoons and all the weather in between. But wherever you are located, these tips from ActiveMinds.org will prepare you for a healthier, graceful fall and lifestyle.

Buy Foods That Are In-season

As the summer season ends, sadly so does its harvest. There are still plenty of yummy vegetables available during fall though, such as kale, pumpkin, squash, beets and broccoli.

Pay Attention to Your Skin

When summer finally transitions into fall, the up and down temperatures can confuse your skin. Make sure to moisturize spots that feel tight and dry during the transition. Always remember to top off your moisturizer with SPF as well if you are planning on going outside!

Prepare Your Immune System

By taking preventative steps, you can skip over the flu and cold season. Going to get your flu shot, drinking plenty of water and washing your hands are great ways to boost your immune system in preparation for the changing weather.

By taking these simple steps, transitioning to fall can be more graceful than ever!

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