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Ironton Estates Summer Contest Winners

Ironton Estates residents gather to hear August’s contest winners at their monthly potluck.

Ironton Estates, a Fairway Management senior community located in Ironton, Missouri, has frequent opportunities for residents to win contests and raffle prizes throughout the year.

One monthly raffle they have is a rent drawing contest. For this drawing, a resident’s name is entered in the drawing if they pay their rent by 1:00 p.m. on the day rent is due. Property Manager Tina Zangara then pulls out the lucky winner’s name each month and gives the winner a cash prize. The community also hosts many other monthly contests, such as puzzle contests.

Congratulations to the below residents who won the last few months of the community’s contests!

James Marler: Winner of May’s Rent Drawing Contest

Carrie DeClue: Winner of June’s Rent Drawing Contest

Betty Tyndall: Winner of July’s Rent Drawing Contest

Theresa Buntion: Winner of July’s Puzzle Contest

Clarence Nash: Winner of August’s Rodeo Puzzle Contest

James Eggert: Winner of September’s Rent Drawing Contest

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