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Activities to Do at Home This Spring

While we might find ourselves indoors this spring, there are plenty of fun things to do right in your own home! Try the below activities to help cope with stress, to improve your mental health and to entertain you at home.

Read a Book

We all have those books on our shelves that we have always wanted to read, but never had the time to finish. Finding a cozy spot in your house and curling up with a good book is a perfect way to spend your days at home. Reading has been proven to strengthen your brain, prevent cognitive decline, reduce stress and help aid a good night’s rest. Open up your windows and start that book this spring. If you need a new book, here is a list of the 60 best fiction books of 2019.

Spring Cleaning

Why not cross spring cleaning off your to do list while stuck indoors? Wiping down counters and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces in your house helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 while keeping your home a beautiful place to live. Cleaning has also been proven to boost your immune system. Setting aside a couple hours each day or week to clean will leave you less stressed and ready to take on the coming season! Here is an article for tips on where to start cleaning.

Virtual Games

There are plenty of online resources for free games you can learn this spring. Card games have been proven to improve mental health, math skills, concentration and relaxation. Solitaire, Gin Rummy, Go Fish, Pinochle and Hearts are just a few of the many games you can keep yourself entertained with in the comfort of your home. Here is a link to one of the many websites that offer free online games.



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