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Ashton Village Hosts Wellness Fair for Residents

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On Thursday, August 2, Ashton Village, a Fairway Management family community located in Pevely, Missouri, hosted a free Wellness Fair for their residents.

The Wellness Fair featured 10 vendors from all over Jefferson County and three Jefferson County Health Department Vans, including the Smiles To Go Senior and Children mobile dental clinic vans and the new Mobile Health Center van. These vendors and vans will continue to provide a variety of health services to the community in the future.

Lexi Roemer, Ashton Village’s Social Service Coordinator, organized the event and was delighted by the over 50 residents and children who participated. “I coordinated this fair because the residents at Ashton Village really have no idea how many resources are available to them in their community, how many services are available to them for free and how they can utilize these resources to benefit them and sustain their independence.”

Not only did many residents and families participate in this event, but they were thankful and excited for what they learned. “I had many residents come up to me during the event and express their excitement about the different services they are going to use in the future. The Smiles To Go Senior van even blessed one resident by agreeing to fix all of his teeth for free in the future,” Lexi said.

Besides the many free health services the residents have learned about and signed up for, some of the residents are even beginning to look into career opportunities with some of the vendors in attendance at the fair.

We are so thankful to Lexi for organizing this event and we cannot wait to see all of the good that will come from it!

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