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Easy, Outdoor Exercises for the Summer

With the warm weather upon us, it is a great time to exercise outdoors!

With the warm weather upon us, it is a great time to exercise outdoors! Below are some easy exercises from the How Stuff Works website to kick start the summer.


Stretching is an important exercise we often forget. To avoid injury before you work out, it is important to remember to stretch. Stretching will increase your flexibility and range of motion which leads to a more rewarding workout.


A great way to get up and get your blood flowing this summer is to walk. While you are walking, think about your posture. Keeping your shoulders back and standing straight while walking leads to a more beneficial workout. After you finish your walk, make sure to stretch, even if you stretched before.


If you are looking for a way to relax this summer, yoga is the way to go! Practicing yoga is a great way to relax while enjoying the fresh air. There are plenty of free yoga classes you can find on YouTube that range from a beginner level to an advanced level. Yoga is a great way to combine meditation and strength training this summer.


Tending to a garden is another great way to get your exercise in this summer. You may not have realized, but gardening can improve your strength and stretch out your joints. All of the digging and weeding leads to a perfect summer exercise you may not have thought of!

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