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Fairway Management Fall Craft: Apple-Themed Mason Jar Pencil Holder

Fairway Management provides quarterly newsletter content, such as crafts and recipes, to residents under our Lifestyle page. Photo and craft credit to Tilly’s Nest

Photo and craft credit to Tilly’s Nest

Looking for the perfect back-to-school craft? Give your friends or a favorite teacher a homemade gift to show them how much you care!

What You Will Need:

Pint-sized mason jars

Red spray paint

Green cardstock

Garden twine




In a well-ventilated area, cover your workspace with newspaper and spray the mason jars with red spray paint. It will take two coats. Allow them to dry between coats.

Cut the green cardstock into two-inch leaf shapes. If you are having difficulties, start with an oval shape and go from there.

Punch a hole in the top of the leaves and tie two of them onto each jar with the garden twine.

Personalize the jars by adding the recipients’ names to the leaves.

Fill them with your choice of pens, pencils or other gifts!

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