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Fairway Management Quarterly Craft: Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase

This Valentine’s Day, show a loved one or friend how much you care with a hand-crafted keepsake from Home Stories A to Z.

What You Will Need

  • Mason jar
  • Paint (color of your choosing)
  • Paint brush
  • Vinyl shape or sticker
  • Picture
  • Painter’s tape
  • Clear spray paint

Step 1: Create Your Picture Frame Window and Paint Your Jar

To create your picture frame window on your jar, place your vinyl, sticker or painter’s tape on the outside of the jar on the area you do not want painted. Place painter’s tape over any other areas of the jar that you do not want painted. Paint your jar in your desired color. After painting, remove any vinyl, sticker or painter’s tape immediately.

Step 2: Place Your Picture in Your Jar

After choosing your picture, cut the photo to the appropriate size and tape it inside of the jar. By using tape, you are able to easily change the photo.

Step 3: Seal Your Jar

Spray the painted jar once it is dry with clear spray paint to seal it.

Step 4: Add Decorations

Lastly, add flowers or anything you would like to place inside of the jar. LED string lights will also make your gift glow.

A loved one or family member will love to have this personalized gift in their home this season!


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