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Fourth of July Crafts

Happy birthday, America! Celebrate the Fourth of July with these easy crafts for all ages. The instructions are below!

Cupcake Liner Fireworks Craft


  • Red, white and blue cupcake liners (both regular size and mini)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Large piece of cardstock or scrapbook paper


  1. Cut 15 to 20 slits into the cupcake liners using scissors. Cut along the crinkled edges to the center circle of the liner.
  2. Glue the cut liners to a piece of paper, layering them to look like a firework display. Put glue on the center or the bottom of the liner only to make the fireworks pop!

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Popsicle Stick Button Flag Kid Craft


  • Jumbo popsicle sticks (nine per flag)
  • School glue
  • Blue cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Various sizes of white buttons
  • Various sizes of red buttons
  • Optional: other embellishments like rhinestones, glitter, etc.


  1. Assemble the base of your flag by gluing your popsicle sticks together to look like a fence (seven next to each and two across). Set aside to let it dry completely.
  2. Grab your blue cardstock and cut out a simple small rectangle to fit in the top left corner. Go ahead and glue it to the popsicle stick frame.
  3. Once done, it is time for the button stripes! Glue buttons onto the popsicle stick piece in rows of red and white. Repeat for each stripe. Set aside to let it all dry completely.
  4. To finish off the popsicle stick flag craft, add other embellishments you see fit and display proudly!

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