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How to Start a Summer Garden

Now that the weather is finally warm enough, it is time to get out those tools and get planting! It is never too late to start gardening, and you can turn it into a project that the whole family will enjoy. Here are some steps from Epic Gardening to help jumpstart your perfect summer garden!

  1. Figure out your plant hardiness zone — Discovering your plant hardiness zone will let you know what types of plants can grow based on your location. A quick internet search is all you need!
  2. Find out what to plant — Once you know your plant hardiness zone, do an internet search for “(your zone) planting guide.” This will give you an idea of what plants will grow best in your area! It can be flowers, fruits, vegetables or anything else you want in your garden.
  3. Buy materials — Pick out the plants you want and visit your local store to purchase the seeds, a few bags of soil and a few bags of compost.
  4. Plant — Pick a sunny spot in your yard and follow the instructions for spacing and planting on the back of the seed packets.

And there you have it! You just created the perfect summer garden. Do not forget to water your plants often and make sure they are getting plenty of sunlight. Happy gardening!

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