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JES Holdings Volunteers for Alonzo A. Crim High School Community Outreach Partnership

JES Holdings does community outreach at Alonza A. Crim High School.

JES Holdings and our affiliate companies are continually impressed by our employees and their initiative to serve the communities around them.

Colin Hendricks, Cost Coordinator for Fairway Construction, truly exemplifies this through beginning JES’ partnership with the Alonzo A. Crim High School in Georgia.  Over a year ago, Colin saw a student interview on the news describing how much her life had changed by entering the Crim High School Construction Program. Inspired to help the school, Colin received permission to set up a week-long training course of Communicating in Constructions and a week-long course of Interviewing Skills. Each course was taught by various employees within our family of companies in two hour shifts. JES Holdings also ended up donating professional attire to these students after realizing many had none.

Principal Dawn Parker of Crim High School recently reached out to JES Holdings to convey her thanks and asked us to return to give additional training to some non-construction students as part of their community outreach program.

JES Holdings was happy to oblige, and we were able to host Interview Building classes and Cyber Branding workshops for 25 non-construction students at the high school.

“I was excited to help these students seek a successful path towards a career based on their interests.” Aaron Snipes, Transaction Analyst for AEP, said.  “From engineering to interior designing, the class responded well to the new information and professional tips. Afterwards, a shy, disorganized class became a much more focused, informed and enlightened group for the future. The students and teachers were very thankful for our time and sent their gratitude to JES for such a great program.”

JES Holdings is excited to continue this partnership and teach more students!

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