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Quarterly Craft: Tie-Dye Picnic Blankets

In accordance with social distancing guidelines, people are spending a lot of their time outdoors this summer. Picnics are a fun outdoor activity that let you social distance while relaxing by yourself or with your family.

Next time you are thinking about planning a picnic, try out this craft beforehand from to tie-dye your own picnic blanket.


  • Bed sheet, towel or cotton blanket
  • Rubber bands
  • Tie-dye kit
  • Plastic gloves
  • Plastic tarp


Spread your sheet out across the tarp or a surface you do not mind getting dirty. Next, pinch the center of the sheet and start to spin it in a circular motion. Continue spinning until the entire sheet is curled up. Take the rubber bands and put them on the curled sheet that you just created so it will not come undone.

Soak the sheet all the way through with water. When the cloth is wet, the dye spreads out easier and the results will be much better. Squirt your preferences of dye colors on the sheet.

Once all the colors are on, leave the sheet out in the sun for about an hour or until dry. Finally, unfold and admire your handiwork!

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