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Recognizing Fathers

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As Father’s Day is approaching on Sunday, June 18, Fairway Management would like to honor all of our employees that are fathers and would like to thank them for the time they give to the company and to their families.

The custom of celebrating both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day is a longstanding tradition with rich history.

According to a article, Mother’s Day began in the 1860s in order to bring together the mothers of Confederate and Union soldiers. It eventually became a commercial holiday in 1908 when Anna Jarvis wanted to honor her mother, the founder of Mother’s Day, by making it a national holiday. Inspired by Mother’s Day, President Woodrow Wilson enacted a Father’s Day of similar nature.

The article stated, “The nation’s first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910, in the state of Washington. However, it was not until 1972 – 58 years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official – that the day honoring fathers became a nationwide holiday in the United States.”

Today, Father’s Day is always celebrated in the United States on the third Sunday of June.

Happy Father’s Day!

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