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A Resident Compliments her FWM Maintenance Team

Wyndham Park III

Fairway Management is responsible over 180 Low-Income Housing Tax Credit properties around the United States of America. Managing and maintaining a rental community is no small task; it takes time, dedication and a lot of resilience, and it would not be possible if it were not for the inspiring efforts of the Fairway Management team.

Recently, a resident of Wyndham Estates III in Saint Peters, Missouri, sent an email to her community manager complimenting the maintenance professionals at her building and expressing her appreciation for all that they do.

“This is a note to compliment two of our amazing maintenance men, Eddie Powell and Phil Peluso. They are the hardest workers I have ever come across,” she writes in the email. She goes on to mention how she recently had a problem with her dryer; the maintenance team ordered her a replacement part and had the dryer fixed in one day.

“Because of Eddie and Phil I know that whatever maintenance problems I have will be fixed not only in a timely manner and with a helpful smile, but fixed correctly and promptly,” she finished.

Great job, Eddie Powell and Phil Peluso! It is staff members like you that make the Fairway Management team a success.

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