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Resident Testimonial: Hidden Glen

Georgia Forney in the community building at Hidden Glen

Georgia Forney’s children encouraged her to move to Hidden Glen after her husband passed away, hoping that she could become more involved with peers. That is exactly what happened when she moved to the community.

“For me it is camaraderie and just getting to know everyone just like you would when you go to school,” Forney says.

Forney also enjoys the opportunities to walk outside with her neighbors and connect with nature—they have seen deer and roadrunners, and enjoy hearing the birds in their community.

“It is the small town… it is very comfortable,” says Forney.

Forney has a good relationship with the staff at Hidden Glen.

“I have been totally satisfied with everything that I have needed. Marty has been here for me,” she says of her community manager.

Forney appreciates the pet friendly atmosphere of Hidden Glen as it has allowed her to keep two important members of her family with her – her two dogs, Dolly and Maisie – to whom she simply refers as, “my little girls.”

The rest of her family is glad that she has found such a peaceful and comfortable place to live.

“This is home. And they feel the same way when they come,” Forney says.

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