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Resident Testimonial: Park Senior Village

Wayman Sandiford, resident of Park Senior Village, relaxes in the community room.

After anxiously awaiting Park Senior Village’s opening, Wayman Sandiford is glad he has found a happy home in the community.

Park Senior Village is a 50-unit Low Income Housing Tax Credit senior living community located in Leesburg, Georgia. The community features furnished community rooms, a business center, picnic pavilions, a community garden, an outdoor patio with a grill area and more.

Wayman especially loves the serene atmosphere of his community. “It’s just a good, quiet area. This is a comfortable place to live, and I enjoy it very much. I have a two bedroom apartment with an outstanding kitchen. You’ve got everything you need here.”

While Wayman loves his apartment and all of the amenities, the part that truly makes Park Senior Village home is his neighbors and the staff. “The people are so nice. I haven’t met anybody that doesn’t have a smile on their face. Everyone waves and speaks to you. It’s wonderful. I am thankful every day that I’m where I’m at,” Wayman said.

Learn more about Park Senior Village here.

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