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Resident Testimonial: Ridgefield Place

Wendy Brown, Resident of Ridgefield Place in Bainbridge, Georgia, believes that living at Ridgefield Place has truly improved her and her family’s quality of life. “The first time I saw my new home I was very emotional. The difference from the space that I was living in before and what I have now is just amazing,” Brown said.

Ridgefield Place was built with family comfort as its top priority. The three and four bedroom homes all have full kitchens with modern appliances and plenty of space for families to live.  Additionally, the property has a fitness center, business center, playground, picnic pavilion and an outdoor patio with a grill area.

When asked what her favorite part of the new community was, Brown said, “Choosing was nearly impossible because there are so many great things.” She especially loves the amenities that are available to her family. “Living at Ridgefield Place makes me feel safe, it has the playground for my children and I have all of the space that I need. I just love it here,” Brown said.

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