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Resident Testimonial: Southwestern Estates

Ava Tyson and her daughter Aubrey Tyson sit on one of the park benches in Southwestern Estates.

After moving into Southwestern Estates in Americus, Georgia, Ava Tyson truly believes that life has improved for her and her daughter.

“I love this space and my neighbors are awesome. The environment for my daughter to just play and run is amazing. It is very safe for us. In our previous residence, Aubrey could not run and play the way she wanted, but now she can. I love it,” Tyson said.

Besides the community being a great place to raise her family, Tyson appreciates the community for herself. Not only has she made friends with her neighbors, but Tyson enjoys the amenities Southwestern Estates has to offer.

“I love the computer lab. It is so convenient! And the gym – I could get up at six o’clock in the morning to work out and come home if I wanted too. Everything is right here. The convenience of my community allows me to come and get a lot done.”

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