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The Best Springtime Herbs and How to Use Them

A telltale sign that spring is here is the reappearance of fresh herbs at the store. Whether you grow your own or buy them in the store, herbs are filled with vitamins and flavor. If you are considering incorporating herbs into your kitchen, here are a few fresh herbs you can add to your garden (or windowsill) and different ways you can use them!

  1. Basil – versatile herb best used raw in salads or soups
  2. Chives – has a soft onion flavor and is best used as a garnish on salads, soups, or potatoes
  3. Cilantro – compliments both sweet and savory foods, best used in dressings, guacamole or smoothies
  4. Dill – best used to make pickles or add flavor to fish, eggs and yogurt
  5. Mint – try adding it to your favorite tea or put it in salads and sauces
  6. Rosemary – pairs well with chicken and other cooked meats
  7. Thyme – good addition to bread, doughs, meats and soups

If you are interested in growing any of these herbs in your home, read through this article by Rumi Spice for tips about how to manage your herbs, recipes to try and other great suggestions.

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