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Mission Statement

Develop, build, manage and invest in quality housing where our families would be proud to live.

Vision Statement

We are committed to serving our customers by helping them achieve success. We strive to be one of the finest small companies in America by always putting our customer first. We place the highest priority on developing long-term relationships with clients and investors in the financial services and real estate markets to maximize profitable opportunities for all concerned. We will serve our clients and communities with integrity to maintain their trust and respect.

Fairway Management, Inc.

Fairway Management, Inc. (FWM) is a property management firm responsible for the maintenance, compliance, marketing and business administration of over 12,200 affordable apartment homes. We commit extensive resources to hiring, developing and training our property management team. This team works closely with our team of accountants, compliance officers and other staff members to maintain high standards of living at affordable rates.

Growing from 5 to over 250 properties in over 25 years, FWM is regarded as a strong management company in the industry. FWM is sought by lenders and regulatory agencies to manage projects for their developers as a highly regarded management company. Each member of the team is available to the residents and has detailed files that accurately track compliance issues, making life for our residents as carefree as possible.

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