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Our resident portal provides residents with convenient, 24/7 access to self-service options. Log in anytime from your computer or mobile device to pay rent, view your account status, submit maintenance requests or schedule recurring payments. Click here for instructions to register your account and make an online payment. If you are a resident and have questions about signing up or using the portal, please contact your leasing office.



Abbey Orchard I
Abbey Orchard II
Ash Place
Ashton Village
Baltimore Meadows
Bethel Ridge Estates I
Bethel Ridge Estates II
Briarwood Apartments
Briarwood Estates
Callaway Villa
Cameron Manor
Cameron Properties
Cameron Villa
Canterbury Park
Chapel Hill Commons II
Chapel Hill Commons III
Charbonier Manor
Cliffview Pointe
DA Holmes I
DA Holmes II
Delaware Duplex
El Dorado Springs Estates
Essex Place
Evergreen Terrace
Excelsior Springs Properties
Ford Lofts
Frisco Senior Village
Gateway Villas
Gentemann Manor I
Gentemann Manor II
Gentemann Manor III
Gentry Estates I
Gentry Estates II
Greystone Place
Hamptons of Neosho
Metro at 70 Apartments
Hanover Manor
Hanover Estates
Hanover Estates II
Hanover Estates III
Hanover Gardens
Hanover Place
Hanover Village
Harrisonville Heights
Harrisonville Meadows
Harrisonville Properties I
Harrisonville Properties II
Hickory Hollow
Higginsville Estates
Hillmann Place I
Hillmann Place II
Ironton Estates
Kearney Estates
Kearney Properties II
Kirksville Gardens
Lackland Plaza
Lake Ozark Village
Lebanon Properties I
Lebanon Properties II
Lebanon Properties III
Lofts at Landmark
Maryville Meadows
Maryville Properties
Memorial Hills
Mexico Meadows
Monett Meadows
Neosho Meadows
Neosho Villas
Nevada Estates
Nevada Manor
Newton Place
North Hampton Place I
North Hampton Place II
North Hampton Village
Oak Grove Estates
Oak Grove Place
Oak Grove Properties
Oak Grove Villas
Palmer Place
Park Meadows
Park Place Senior Apartments
Parkview Apartments
Peachtree Place
Platte City Properties
Pleasant Hill Properties
Regency Manor
Regency Manor II
Residences at Jennings Place I, The
Residences at Jennings Place II, The
Residences at Jennings Place III, The
Residences at Liberty Place
Richmond Manor
Richmond Square
River Bluff Manor
Riverbend Estates
Sedalia Heights
Sedalia Villa
Sinclair Estates
Smithville Properties
St. Peters Villa
Stockton Estates
Swope Parkway Estates
Timber Creek Estates
Townsend & Wall Lofts
Troy Estates
Troy Villa Apartments
Twin City Villa
Valley Southwest Apartments
Vandeventer Place
Vineyard, The
Walkers Ridge of Columbia
Weathered Rock I
Weathered Rock II
Wellington Pointe
Westchester Village of Columbia
Westchester Village of Oak Grove
Westchester Village of St. Joseph
Weston Properties
Whittington Estates
Wilshire Hills I
Willshire Hills II
Windwood Estates
Woodbine Meadows
Woodbury Place I
Woodbury Place II
Woodcrest Villas
Wyndham Park I
Wyndham Park II
Wyndham Park III

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