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Shey Justice

Executive Director of Leasing

Shey Justice joined the JES Holdings family of companies in 2013, as the director of leasing. Shey brings over 15…

Brooke Martin

Vice President

As vice president of operations for Fairway Management, Brooke Martin is responsible for the company‚Äôs strategic planning, financial performance and…

Michele Young

Education Coordinator

As education coordinator for Fairway Management, Michele Young works with all FWM property managers to teach policies, procedures and various…

Eric Stout

Regional Director

In 2021, Eric Stout became a Fairway Management regional director after many years of experience in the industry. He began…

Becki Wells

Regional Director

Fairway Management Regional Director Becki Wells joined Fairway Management in 2009 and has been a valued employee ever since. She…

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