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Fairway Management Regional Manager Tara Friedman has been a valued member of the JES Holdings family of companies since 2013.

Tara began her career with Fairway Management as a property manager in Artesia, New Mexico. Then, in 2017, Tara and her family moved back home to Georgia where she became a senior property manager. In 2019, Tara was promoted to her current position of regional manager of Southeast Coastal Georgia and South Carolina. Tara thrives on working with property managers to see their communities succeed.

Before joining Fairway Management, Tara earned her bachelor’s degree in mass communications and media studies. She worked in radio for 12 years and corporate event sales and marketing for six years.

Tara has been married to her husband Jason for 18 years. Her spare time is spent volunteering at church, getting her two sons to their sporting events or on the beach.


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